Welcome to Discover Damaraland, the online resource dedicated to providing informed and accurate information to visitors to the region.

Damaraland is one of the few remaining pristine wilderness areas open for hunting in Africa, and is home to the largest number of free-roaming Black Rhino in the world as well as the huge Desert Elephants that are unique to Namibia. This website is designed to provide visitors with information on the history, geography and geology of the region and the people that reside and work here.
Situated to the West of Namibia, Damaraland is located South-West of Etosha, North of the ancient Namib desert, South of Kaokoland and West of the Kalahari and it reaches out to the Skeleton Coast where precious humidity condensates high in the mountains bringing some respite from it’s otherwise arid existence.
It is worthy of mention too that while stunningly attractive, its harsh arid environment, free-roaming predators and vast area combine to make this a challenging and dangerous place for those unprepared for the challenges ahead and we draw specific notice of this to Eco-Tourists and non-hunting guests using the latest Satellite Navigation Systems to traverse the region in the section dedicated Sat Nav.
We hope that you enjoy this website and find the information contained within it useful when planning your Safari or Hunting Adventure. Damaraland represents an adventure waiting to happen and we hope you decide to ‘Discover Damaraland’ for yourself!
Roo Ellis standing by the entry road to Damaraland and Erongo from the Kaokoveldt
Roo Ellis, for and on behalf of The Hunting Agency

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